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Swanscombe and Bean Partnership invites you to use the Healthera App

Order your repeat prescription over the phone or via the Healthera app with the Prescription Ordering Direct Service

(POD) – A new, convenient repeat prescription ordering service

Please note you will no longer be able to order prescriptions directly from the surgery except in exceptional circumstances.

For example: Weekly Dosette Boxes

Telephone:  0300 131 1100

Monday - Friday (Between 9am and 5pm)


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What the Healthera App does

The Healthera app helps you get the most out of your local pharmacy services. You can use it to manage your repeat prescriptions and medication, book appointments and contact your pharmacist for clinical advice.


Frequently Asked Questions 

When was this service introduced?

This is a new service that was introduced to the Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley area in January 2017.


What has changed?

Instead of contacting your pharmacy to order your repeat prescription, you will simply need to phone the Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) service or use the Healthera app which can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets. POD is a dedicated repeat prescription ordering service provided by your local NHS. After your repeat request has been authorised by your GP, your prescription will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice where your medicines will be dispensed as usual.


How does the service work?

When you call the POD telephone line you will speak to a trained Practice Medicines Co-ordinator dedicated to taking repeat prescription requests and answering repeat prescription queries.

The Practice Medicines Co-ordinator will take your repeat prescription request over the phone or process requests via the app. They will be able to help you to order only the items that you need and deal with queries about your repeat medicines. Your repeat prescription order will then be processed, signed by your GP and sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice for dispensing.

If you require another person to ring the service on your behalf, it is important that you give consent to the POD service or your GP practice to allow this to happen.


Why is this new service being offered?

The POD has been introduced to help reduce the amount of medicines wasted across the local NHS by using the medicines repeat ordering process as an opportunity to optimise medicines use. In Dartford, Gravesham, Swanley and Swale it is estimated that up to £3 million worth of medicines are wasted each year.

A lot of waste is due to items being ordered on repeat prescriptions each month even when these items are not required. By managing repeat prescription orders more efficiently, we can reduce waste and save valuable NHS funds.

The service will also reduce time and workload pressures for your GP practice, allowing practice staff to focus on providing better care to patients.


Download the app:

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Get help with the app

If you have any issues using or downloading the app, check the Heathcare App website.