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The Government and NHS England have instructed all GP practices nationally to implement a new system to help deal with queries effectively, and direct you to the most appropriate member of the team or service. We have therefore made these changes as we are committed to providing a safe and efficient service to all our patients.

So that we can deal with your queries more effectively, our care navigation team will ask you for further information regarding your request. They have been asked to do this by the GP Partners. This is so you can be directed to the most appropriate service to help you. Not all issues need to be dealt with by a GP, and might be appropriately directed to an appropriate service. Our care navigation team are trained to handle your query, so please avoid saying the issue is personal, as we then may not be able to help you according to your need and will advise you to complete an eConsult which are open between 3.30pm and 4pm. EConsults will be processed within 3 working days. All Information given to our care navigation team is confidential